Offering in-house innovation, strategy reports, workshops, product design, curation and design of tools to better understand and integrate the internet of things in your business.


Reports & white papers

  • Produced a report on the possible impact of the internet of things for a US health insurance company. (2017)
  • Collaborated with The Waving Cat & Stefanie Prosavec to produce  a global analysis of the smart city landscape for Nominet R&D. This includes a publicly accessible database of all the projects we found and a visualisation of the findings. (2016)
  • Produced a report on the possible impact of the internet of things for a US industrial company and an international fast moving goods company. (2016)
  • Produced a report for  BBC North Lab exploring the perceived future value of the internet of things and the readiness of the business across the whole of the BBC. This report was shaped on 15 interviews from multiple stakeholders in the business. (2015)
  • As Innovator-at-large for Wintec Innovate, an industry-facing research facility at the Waikato Institute of Technology in New Zealand we wrote research reports that focused on agricultural technologies. (2014-6)
  • Worked with Nominet R&D on trend reports on the internet of things and is applications in education, farming and smart cities. (2015)
  • Contributed to policy recommendation papers by the Worshipful Society of Information Technologists and the British Computing Society. (2014)
  • Researched the landscape of UK internet of things startups and their requirements for the Digital Catapult to help shape its services around that space. (2013) (images)
  • Contributed to a white paper on the internet of things for the Digital Policy Alliance. (2013)
  • Contributed to a white paper on cyber security by Chatham House. (2013)

Workshops & training

  • I run a digitally accessible training session on the internet of things as part of the ISDI MIB program. (2017-)
  •  We ran  a business workshop for creatives at Waterman’s Gallery. (2018)
  • Ran a 3 day academic training introducing BA & MA professors to the internet of things for the Technology Institute of Monterrey in Mexico (2017)
  • Ran a  3 day intense practical internet of things manufacturing workshop in Berlin & Norway. (2017)
  • Organised and coordinated  a workshop capturing design processes of #iot startups with Studio Dott. (2016)
  • Design of three workshops with EDF R&D to get their teams to explore new home energy management experiences. The workshop lasted 1 week each and outputs varied from physical prototypes, UX wireframes, mobile/tablet app demos, videos and websites.
  • Design and organisation of the first UK Intel Edison workshop (2015).
  • Ran public and corporate Arduino workshops around the world (2007-2010).


  • Developed Know Cards with Tina Aspiala, a set of cards to help you explore the internet of things.

Product design

  • Design and commercialisation of Good Night Lamp. (2012-2019)
  • Designed and collaborated with Phil Gyford to build an MVP of a local food producer mapping service Made Near You. (2016)
  • Designed scarves for single people no matter what their sexual preference. Worked with a fashion design to make a series of prototypes. (2011)
  • Project management & logistics for smart Christmas 3D printed product FRSTEE (2011)
  • Identity design for Historytag an identity system for Huit, a Wales-based jeans company. (2011)
  • Project management of exploratory project with Nokia Advanced Labs team in Los Angeles. This led to physical prototypes being made and videos produced. (2011)
  • Overseeing the electronics design and Chinese manufacturing support for the first Current Cost Bridge a home energy display that posted data to Google Powermeter (2009-10)
  • Overseeing the manufacturing of the Big Red Button for Russell Davies which part of the permanent collection of New York’s Museum of Modern Art (MoMa). (2009)
  • Overseeing the build of next generation screen experiences for the BBC’s North Lab team. This included building 3 prototypes & video documentation. (2009)
  • Overseeing the build of interactive installations for a range of marketing campaigns for brands such as Sony Bravia, Nokia, Wired, National Geographic and others. (2008)
  • Overseeing the build of a smart picture frame for David Hockney’s paintings for the Evening Standard Editor’s office. (2008)
  • Contributed to scenario for the life of a designer and her connected objects in 2020 for NYC artist Tom Klinkowstein. (2007)


  • In-house Head of Labs at Bulb, a renwable energy provider (2018-2019)
  • Part of the Jury for the Braun Prize  (2018).
  • On the Board of the Virt-EU project (2017-)
  • Mentor-in-residence at the Startupbootcamp IoT Connected Devices accelerator (2016-17).
  • Technical & business assessment for UK government & European funding programs  (2015-)
  • Internet of things expertise consultancy calls (2011-)
  • Advisor to startups in the connected product space: Trackener (2015-)

Event design, curation and production

  • Co-curated and organised Making it!? a half day on making and success in Liverpool. (2018)
  • Curated Bosch’s first internet of things developer event in Berlin (2015)
  • Co-curator of the Dublin Science Gallery Home/Sick exhibition (2015)
  • MCed the EDF Pretty Curious event at the Science Museum (2015)
  • Acted as dissemination parter for the Eyehub project, a UK funded internet of things project. (2014)
  • Acted as dissemination partner for a EU funded FP7 project on social robotics. (2009-2013)
  • Curated and ran a Christmas internet of things pop-up shop in our office in East London. (2013)
  • Organised a showcase of 40 startups in the energy sector for British Gas (2013) (images)
  • Production of the second Mozilla Festival (1000 people attending). (2013)
  • Production of the first London Mozilla Festival (800 people attending) (2012)
  • Started running the London Internet of Things Meetup. It’s now the second largest meetup in the world around the topic. (2011-)

Self-initiated projects

  • Leading Better IoT an international community-led effort to build startup-focused tools for more ethical and secure internet of things design (2017-)
  • The Good Home, an events-driven collaborative exploration of the future of home living. (2015-2017)
  • Developed Homesense a pan-European open innovation project to explore bottom-up smart homes in collaboration with EDF R&D. The creative-commons licensed output included a blog and hardware tools which are part of the permanent collection of New York’s Museum of Modern Art (MoMa).
  • Production of Topoware, a tableware collection with jewellery designer Karola Torkos which was exhibited at the Milan Furniture Fair. (2007)


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