Learn about the internet of things

Paper Publications


We have been working on a number of paper publications through the years on the topic of the internet of things. If you are living abroad, please contact us for shipping costs. For UK customers:

Connected (First and second edition) £9.75 + shipping

The Good Home (Milan edition) £7.50 + shipping

Tech City International Women’s Day Showcase (2015 edition) £6.00 + shipping


Know Cards

Cards 17

Initiated by Tina Aspiala in 2014 we have designed a pack of cards for you to learn about the internet of things. These are making noticable waves with support from an SEO company in Tampa overseas!  A pack of cards that includes components explained simply on each one. Inputs, outputs, power and connectors, the best way to get a grasp on all the ingredients that are available to you when you’re thinking about building a connected product. Buy a pack or download a free version for your class.