reports & research

We produce reports or organise workshops to help our clients identify their strategic needs and help them position their activities and their teams to produce the best internet of things solutions.

  • Working with Nominet R&D on a global analysis of the smart city landscape. (2016)
  • Was Innovator-at-large for Wintec Innovate, an industry-facing research facility at the Waikato Institute of Technology in New Zealand focused on agricultural technologies. (2015-2016)
  • Co-hosted  a workshop capturing design processes of #iot startups with Studio Dott. (2016)
  • Worked with Nominet R&D on trend reports on the internet of things and is applications in education, farming and smart cities. (2014-15)
  • Researched the landscape of UK internet of things startups and their requirements for the Digital Catapult to help shape its services around that space. (2013-14)
  • Cross-business investigation on the present and future value of the internet of things for the BBC. This work was commissioned by the BBC North Lab