Insights Reports

I work on a consultancy basis with businesses to help them imagine the impact of other areas of innovation on their business. This deep dive in their industry, stakeholders and wider ecology usually creates a report or presentation as the main output. This work can take a few days or a few months.

  • Working with Overlay on a real estate sustainability certification strategy for financial institution portfolio. (2019-)
  • Working with UCL CASA on a Little Book on the impact of the internet of things on public space. (2019)
  • Produced a report on the possible impact of the internet of things for a US health insurance company. (2017)
  • Collaborated with The Waving Cat & Stefanie Prosavec to produce  a global analysis of the smart city landscape for Nominet R&D. This includes a publicly accessible database of all the projects we found and a visualisation of the findings. (2016)
  • Produced a report on the possible impact of the internet of things for a US industrial company and an international fast moving goods company. (2016)
  • Produced a report for  BBC North Lab exploring the perceived future value of the internet of things and the readiness of the business across the whole of the BBC. This report was shaped on 15 interviews from multiple stakeholders in the business. (2015)
  • As Innovator-at-large for Wintec Innovate, an industry-facing research facility at the Waikato Institute of Technology in New Zealand we wrote research reports that focused on agricultural technologies. (2014-6)
  • Worked with Nominet R&D on trend reports on the internet of things and is applications in education, farming and smart cities. (2015)
  • Contributed to policy recommendation papers by the Worshipful Society of Information Technologists and the British Computing Society. (2014)
  • Researched the landscape of UK internet of things startups and their requirements for the Digital Catapult to help shape its services around that space. (2013) (images)
  • Contributed to a white paper on the internet of things for the Digital Policy Alliance. (2013)
  • Contributed to a white paper on cyber security by Chatham House. (2013)

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