The team

Who was involved?

Georgina Voss, Project manager
Georgina is a Tutorial Fellow at the University of Sussex, and an Honorary Research Associate at the Science and Technology Studies Department, University College London. She oversees the Homesense project from an organisational and academic point of view.

Damaris Rodriguez, Web design & Community Managment
Damaris is an interaction designer and was involved in the design and creative production of the originial online content as well as layout of the Homesense manual.

Daniel Soltis, Training & Homesense kit design
Daniel is an interaction Designer. He focuses on concept development, hardware and software prototyping. He was involved in training all the households & experts as well as designing the Homesense kit.

Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino, Initiator
Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino is a product designer, interaction designer & entrepreneur. She initiated Homesense while CEO of Tinker London.

Edouard Siekierski, Project partner & researcher
Edouard is an “internal innovation catalyst” in the open innovation team at EDF.

Charles Delalonde, Project partner & researcher
Charles works with EDF R&D, where his research focuses on how a deeper understanding of social networks improves information retrieval activities.

Natasha Carolan, Homesense kit design & user-centered research
Natasha is a PhD researcher and designer at HighWire Digital Economies Doctoral Training Centre at Lancaster University.

Richard Wood, Homesense kit design & user-centered research
Richard has been exploring my interests in mass creativity, democratised design, social networking, physicality and play.