Maelle is 28 and works in communication in Paris. She’s currently ‘between jobs’ but has some experience is sports events, hotels, and publishing. She graduated from a degree in translation and interpretation, and is fluent in English and Italian. Maelle describes herself as a ‘slight geek’: she doesn’t collect high-tech things at home but she follows all the latest trends and is always interested in new stuff. She’s a big fan of Android and Mac, and loves taking pictures, watching movies, dancing, and wine tasting. She blogs about her hobbies in French, and shares interesting and non-interesting things on her Twitter account.


Christophe is a 28 software architect working for a real estate company in Paris. He is involved in Free Software, and started to play with GNU and Linux in 1998. He graduated from EPITECH, has previously worked for a free software services company and for big companies and ERP software. He discovered Arduino and Open Source hardware two years ago, and has used it for his own home automation project. He loves tinkering at homes and making experiments for his cat ;-). He was interested in the Homesense project because he loves to share his knowledge with other people. He think that a really interesting project for Homesense would be a version of the Premio project, an experimental smart grid for EDF.


Maelle & Christophe started working on a hack for a radio, read how they got there on the blog post.

Homesense – Radios from Homesense Paris on Vimeo.

Going Live Paris
On the radio