London 2


We are the Davies family. Anne and Russell who are too old, and Arthur who’s 10. Anne and Russell are out most days working, but we sometimes work from home. Arthur never works from home. We watch telly, play games, listen to music, read books, type on computers – we use a lot of electricity.
We live in a flat in a large block near the Euston Road in London so some of our energy usage is communally controlled (like the heating), but we do have control over our own electricity and we’re interested in how much we’re using and how we can use less. We’ve experimented with the Wattson and other meters (Russell likes playing with this stuff) but nothing’s been quite right yet.


Daniel Hirschmann is a South Africa born artist who uses technology, relationships and spontaneity to enable his artistic practice. His portfolio includes responsive sculpture, interactive spaces and generative prints which have been exhibited in shows around the world, most notably, the Whitney Museum of Contemporary Art in NY, the Centre Pompidou in Paris, the V&A in London, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Nice, and the Resolution Gallery in Johannesburg.
He built on his Fine Arts studies with a Masters at NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program – where he specialised in physical computing and interactive sculpture. He has lectured at various highly respected institutions around the globe. He recently founded Hirsch & Mann Ltd – an art and design consultancy based in East London which is focused on responsive objects and environments.


Marvin The Discrete Reminderer is a toy that sits in front of the toilet and reminds you to put the seat down. All project details on the blog post.

The Marvin Monitor (work in progress) from Homesense London 2 on Vimeo.

The Bike Map sits next to the door and indicates which stations around their flat have free city bikes. Also on the project blog post.

Home sense or home silly
Well have you?
Marvin the device of unrevealed purpose
Bikemap from Russell