Gareth is a 31 year-old freelance designer based in Ireland. He lives in County Donegal which is located at the very North-West of Ireland, in its largest town, Letterkenny. Donegal is mainly a rural area with the main industries being farming and fishing. Gareth shares a semi-detached house in a quiet street with his housemate Josh, which is a ‘regular, run of the mill shared house’. Gareth’s hobbies include playing football and cycling; he’s recently taken up golf as there are lots of courses nearby but he’s still struggling to hit the ball. Gareth was attracted to ‘Homesense’ as he’s interested in seeing how technology can enhance his home life and the world around him. He’s interested in seeing whether, in a world where people are over-reliant on intrusive technology, technology can have a subtleness that supports and enhances the way we live. (Full introduction)


This smart tea coaster flashes lights every hour to remind him to get up and take a break from computer work. It was built over a few weeks in November 2010. All project details on the blog post and with a video too!

Homesense Flashing Coaster from Homesense London1 on Vimeo.

He also tried to build an Angry Bin. Here’s a video!

The Bin Gimp from Homesense Letterkenny on Vimeo.

Going Live
Coasting in Letterkenny
Angry Bin