Going Live – Paris

Last Saturday, my little flat was buzzing with a new very exciting project: experimenting ideas for my home through Arduino-based technology (open-source software which codes for electronics, thus using software to program hardware).

I welcomed Georgina and Daniel from Tinker in order to start the project: I was introduced to the research kit (a big shoe box full of basic electronic components) and to the project itself. After a few hours, sensors, LEDs and cables were no longer a secret for me and I could even understand how Arduino code works.

After a perfect French snack (wine, cheese and baguette), Charles from EDF and Christophe, the Arduino expert who will support me throughout the project, joined the training session and I decided to focus on two main challenges for my home: the lighting and radio systems.

I think I will focus on the radio one first. I listen to the radio mainly in the morning and I never find the right location and volume setting for my radio in order to follow the news and the transmissions while moving in my flat in order to get ready before heading to work. I would like to build a system which enables me to automatically switch on and off the radio when I enter and leave a room.

I will keep you posted soon with images and videos!

– Maelle

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