London hacks for Halloween

It’s almost Halloween and the guys want to do something Halloweeny! The shiny LEDs and the dulcet tones of the piezo buzzer have inspired Luke and Louise. We’ve spawned a mini project in the form of a light and sound show for trick or treat. The idea is simple. Press “Treat” for a nice light and sound show, “Trick” for the nasty, evil one. Should be straight forward to setup using a few outputs on the Arduino and two switches. Luke’s on the search for a (plastic) skull, and I’ve got my Arduino fired up and working to help the guys pull together a sketch.

On the kettle experiment front, they’ve done well and have a working servo switch that is activated by light. The only slight issue is the servo control sketch doesn’t perform a momentary action, it just moves a set angle with the standard sketch. I’m tasked with converting the sketch to allow the servo to move a preset angle and return to the original start position. Luke’s going to drop off a servo so I can have a play.

Whilst this is going on thoughts have turned to the next project. More on that next time. Happy Halloween!

- Gavin

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