House and home

Home as the wikipedia says “is a place of residence or refuge”. In the homesense project we have different types of homes: families, share flats, couple sharing flats,… Different types of houses, flats, located in the city and the country that conform different concepts of homes.

We don’t always consider the house that we are living as our home. This is related of how part of you is represent in this space. In some share flats the part of the spaces that is yours is too small that the space is not representing who is living there. This place that you consider you home change across your life, implying living in different houses, cities or countries. Some people just consider their parents house their homes all their lives or they refer their homes as their home city or home country.

One important challenge in the research is to explore the relation between households and their homes. How they consider their homes will impact identifying different problems and different solutions to build their own smart homes.

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