Going Live – London 1

Over the weekend, Georgina and Daniel from Tinker and Gavin, our expert, visited us for our introductory training session and some initial brainstorming.

In the morning, Georgina and Daniel provided a great introduction to the Homesense Project and kit – imagine a big box of chocolates with LEDs instead of coffee creams! – and an overview of Arduino, Processing and some existing smart home projects.

In the afternoon, Gavin joined us to share his experiences and talk through some rough ideas for solving a few kitchen, postal and bike security-related problems that exist in and around our home.

For the next two weeks, we decided to focus on a relatively simple project – a gadget to turn our kettle on automatically as soon as we get up in the morning. Experiments are now underway with position controllers, light sensors and slide scales. We’ll report back shortly…

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