Hello! All change behind the scenes here as we’re gearing up for the relaunch of the website when the project goes live very soon – watch this space! Until then, some bits and pieces for your brains to chew on…

* Georgina will be talking about Homesense at the Open Hardware Summit in New York on Thursday 23rd September. Other speakers include Chris Anderson from Wired; our own Massimo Banzi from Arduino; and Professor Eric von Hippel, from MIT’s Sloan School of Management, who has developed the academic field of user innovation over the past 30 years. It should be completely excellent – come over and say hello if you’re around!

* …and if you’re interested in any of von Hippel’s work, Democratising Innovation is a very good place to start: it was published 5 years ago so looks more with innovation around open source software than hardware, but covers much of his previous work around communities, lead users, and free revealing.

* Another academic who takes a slightly different research angle on users and innovation is the marvellous Professor Nelly Oudshoorn, at the University of Twente in the Netherlands. Here she talks about how users play an active role in their own homes when using telemedical technologies, to become diagnostic agents. I really would recommend any of her work if you’re at all interested in how users shape and are shaped by technology, particularly around healthcare.

* Home Toys has news and information around home technology.

* If you’ve got sensors, an old PC, and various home automation widgets then you too can build your own electronics filled, arduino-powered room (via HackNMod)

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