Homes across Europe: Applications extended!

Picture: cod_gabriel

We launched Homesense just over a month ago at LIFT in Geneva. Since then we’ve been getting applications in from all manner of households and experts which is completely brilliant. However, as well as applicants from the UK, France and Italy, we’ve also been hearing from people in lots of other places including Germany, Ireland and even the US. We’re really excited that the word on Homesense has spread so far, and that people across Europe and beyond are taking an interest in the prokct.

Because of this, we’ve decided to expand the application process for anyone across Europe who’s interested in either taking part as a household or expert. We’re also extending the application deadline until July 1st so that people who have only just heard about the project have time to apply. If you’re interested in making your home smart and designing cool stuff, please do get in touch!

Also a big thanks to everyone who came to our open studio last week – it was lovely to meet you all (although we still have lots of biscuits left: a sign that people didn’t go as face-down in the shortbread as we thought they might, or that we bought far too many).

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