Darja is graphic designer and comes from Slovenia. Jérémie is graphic designer and comes from France. They are both in their 3.0 period and here is their little story.

Darja grew up and studied in Ljubljana, an inspiring young capital which is known as a city of culture, a science hub, and the place with the best cafés around for chilling out. After finishing her studies she decided to leave and Paris seemed to be a perfect place to continue her interests in design and technology. Three terrific years passed at the speed of light, and her next stop was Geneva, where she now lives and works as an art director.

On the other side Jérémie was born and raised in the french Alps… more precisely in a charming little town called Annecy, next to the swiss border. As a kid/teen he loved to disassemble and study electronic devices, and even hack them. So, it was natural for him to first follow studies in electronics before studying graphic design.
He founded a creative collective of freelance designers and photographers (called Coworx), he lived and worked in several places around France, collecting experiences in advertising and working for brands and medias.

Then a while ago… Darja and Jérémie bumped (literally) at each other in the middle of New York City… and ever since they share their ‘addictions’ in books, Wired magazines, gadgets, music, travels, sports, Lego, true italian pizzas & cold Brooklyn beers… and what else… ah of course Homesense!


Theo likes technical things, and he like to make them work either alone or together. Homesense gathers robots and ecology and sometimes a touch of poetry – his everyday attentions.
One day having a home which communicates like that in l’”Ecume des jours” (Boris Vian) would be a dream that everyone could experience; and any experiments which take us there are good.

David is a technical designer who fell in love with programming via the Flash and Processing platforms. He is interested in Homesense because he thinks that in our increasingly technological societies, everyone should have access to some form of experience in computational thinking and electronics tinkering. He can also be found working with Theo here.


The Geneva team were really active. They started with a light controller. They wrote about it here.

Homesense Light Manipulator from Homesense London1 on Vimeo.

They then started to work on a noise detector as Darja wanted to know how much noise she was making, so she wouldn’t disturb her neighbour. They tried to improve on their hack but had to give up due to the complexity of the electronics they’d chosen.

They finally built an automated plant watering system called Perfusion.

Going Live in Genève
Training by Lake Geneva
Making the life of my neighbours just a little more bearable
How do we shut the lights with thread?
Light manipulator
Rest in peace (my friendly neighbour)
Perfusion II