A litmus test for the internet of things

It’s taken me about 2 months to work out how to show the differences between products that companies say are iot and those that possibly aren’t. I suspect I actually need to explain it but I’d rather have a good conversation on Twitter about it so I can tweak things accordingly. For clarity, a lock […]

Introducing #iotangels

Funding the Internet of Things in the UK from Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino There are many reasons why the UK is a great space for internet of things startups: access to the creative industries, manufacturing, advertising, technologists. Funding isn’t one of them sadly as I highlighed in a talk at a Policy Connect event last week at […]

A map of UK maker spaces

As part of my work with the Connected Digital Economy Catapult, I’ve been putting together a map of hacker / maker spaces in the UK. These spaces are really important in linking a person with a project idea to a community with resources. Maker spaces are also more than physical resources, they can be a […]

The past 10 years of the internet of things

Strange how the brain works. It’s 1am and I’m in a hotel on Edinburgh University campus, giving a talk in the morning to the Chiasma workshop tomorrow morning and I spent most of my almost 5h train journey making a timeline of the internet of things I’ve had the pleasure of keeping an eye on. […]

The process of Connecting Products

Last December, I was asked by the Connected Digital Economy Catapult to help them out scoping a possible Connected Products Studio. This is great fun for me as I have tangible experience of building connected products for installations, industrial applications and now the consumer market. The first thing Maurizio Pilu, the Catapult’s Director asked me […]

What I learnt from running an internet of things pop-up shop

Today was the last day of Works(Shop) which I’ve been running in my office on most Fridays & Saturdays since end of August. It’s been a very interesting experiment in what the retail experience of consumer internet of things products is about. We went on the road too, showing the products to the British Computing […]

A very merry internet of things Christmas

It’s that time of the year where people try to connect their Christmas lights to the internet. This used to be a rather maker-based endeavour but it’s taken on new heights with the past year’s corporate interest in the topic. So here are the top 5 connected Christmas lights projects: 1. OpenPicus lets you control […]

End of year review

1.What did you do in 2013 that you’d never done before? Put all my efforts into one project. 2. Did you keep your New Years’ resolutions, and will you make more for next year? No, pretty much stopped going to the gym in February, but thankfully have been keeping quite well. I’d like to try […]

Making, speaking, meeting.

I had lunch last week with some of veterans of the now defunct Special Interest Group on the Internet of Things and we were discussing the taxonomy problems around hackdays, hackathons and other similar events. I drew something inelegant on my sketchbook which I thought I’d cleanup and share. In the case of this diagram […]