Something worth blogging about

I don’t like women and technology events but i would blog any day about women I admire in technology. Actually so should you. Common now, I’m sure we could up the numbers on women attending tech conferences in no time! Additionally in the spirit of Anne Galloway’s brilliant chart on women in ubicomp from in […]

Personal ubiquity

It took me a while to digest Janne’s post on why ubicomp is a broken concept, mostly because on principal I tend to disagree. It’s also a bit in response to Tom Coates’s altered version of his talk with Matt Jones that he gave at Foocamp called “Personal Informatics”. Firstly I think the starting point […]

Fighting the war against terror by blowing air up your shirt

Just went through 2 “secondary security” checks at San Francisco airport today and got introduced to this delightful contraption. “To collect microscopic particles for analysis, the EntryScan3 takes advantage of a natural upward airflow around the body called the “human convection plume.” By not using forced airflow from a fan-which stirs up dust and other […]

Etsy is shit

Not that I’m known for being inflammatory but this is total bullshit. In short, our Topoware store was shut, because we weren’t craft enough it seems. No warning, no nothing, just a snappy email once the store had already been shutdown. What sort of customer service is this? If you sell on Etsy and don’t […]

The other 50%

I don’t follow politics that closely, usually because I’m never quite sure which ones I should be following but I must admit I had hoped Hillary would win the DMC. They speak of the glass ceiling. I feel it every day as a woman at the head of a small technology company. “Where are the […]

We get the leaders we deserve

It’s election day tomorrow in London and it’s been sort of entertaining and depressing at the same time to follow the campaign (I’ve been keeping track of the one on the other side of the pond through the excellent Bagnews notes). It’s almost like we’re collectively confused about the difference between entertainment and politics. Chris’s […]

Made of fail

This really depresses me. I think issues of sustainability are quickly going to have to move beyond the Treehugger attitude that “every little counts”, because our way of life and the economics attached to it is literally killing people as we speak. It really isn’t going to cut it to act as if we weren’t […]

Unsustainable touchpoints

There’s clearly something wrong with the delivery of a service if it makes me think “oh what a waste”. This reflects poorly on the company, it’s brand and it’s supposed values, especially when I’m already aware I’m being unsistainable by using the service. 1st example: Last week during a doze on the Eurostar a member […]

Quote of the day

“Caring from a distance” The tagline for a telecare (read remote care for the elderly) conference last year. Somehow doesn’t quite get the point across.