What's old is new again

I’m at the end of my present project and looking forward to some down time, looking for more opportunities in London as usual, but mostly getting back to blogging and keeping up with the world in general. I saw and ordered a set of tiny cards from the very sweet MOO project (reminded me of the conversation on the esthetics of cute actually) and I thought that it was interesting to see printing start up again in the world of photography, when the greats have kind of given up in favor of digital technologies. I think there’s a definite link here to my thesis in the way that the physicality of things affords so many interactions and as the fine people at Moo say about the internet:

“You can’t touch it, write on it, or put it on the mantle, you can’t hang it on the wall or pass it to the cute guy on the bus, you certainly can’t give it to your mom for her birthday.
We want to change this.
So we dream up new products, made up from stuff on the web, that help folks take their virtual lives offline. We hope you like them. ”

Funni how things change…

Ode to the material world

I’m cleaning my stuff for the flight tomorrow and came across this torn bit of paper that’s a printout off of someone’s work… need to find the source…

“Like Marcel who narrates through his recollections of places and things in Proust’s Remembrance of Things Past, visual connections between objects and memory are as much a symbiotic exchange as they are a token of human dependancy. To consider a world without objects is to take away a part of our identity, which helps us understand and comprehend the world in which we live.”

Amen to that.