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Soundbites at Cybersalvations

Live-blogging has lost it’s sheen for me lately. Especially when you know that whatever it is that you just saw is going to be filmed and available within 24 hours, then the written reports, the work of a typist almost, doesn’t seem that appealing. It’s…

Blogging at Doors

Will be live blogging from the Doors official conference (much much more thoughts on the week I just spent in the next few days of course) on Tastythinking. Follow me there!

News from sunny/rainy India

Just letting you know I’m deep in workshops, eating street food, walking around the most desolate areas of Delhi and generally taking about a million pictures of Doors 9: Juice on my flickr stream. Enjoy! Back to the usual rants on the 8th of March.


My good friend Dave Chiu is helping put this together. Add it to your calendar, all you san franers out there… CookCamp February 24, 2007 San Francisco, CA Venue: CitizenSpace CookCamp Wiki page The CookCamp un-conference will focus on food and health, bringing together…

Near-field interaction workshop post-mortem

I came back from a very vibrant Near-field interactions workshop in Oslo, hosted and organized by Timo Arnall,Julian Bleeker and Nicolas Nova. This is the third workshop organized of this kind around this subject, the first one, which I attended, took place at LIFT, the…

Fresh Start online

Finally Fresh Start is online! Nearly 2 years after the initial (7 weeks) project we’ve been working hard to present this to the Emergence poster sessionin Pittsburgh and Dave went and also live-blogged the event. Loads of interesting thoughts.

Illustrating a service design process

I wont be attending Emergence but I had the pleasure on working on illustrating our design process for the poster session where Fresh Start will be presented and i suddenly found it a fascinating exercise. How do you represent what starts out by being boxes…