Open letter to AIGA


Sorry for reaching out unexpectedly, but I’d like to bring something to your attention. I am not a member of AIGA but a professional product and interaction designer and I have been working for over 10 years under as both my company’s URL, digital presence on social media of all sorts, talks internationally, works displayed in museums (MoMa, V&A) and galleries.
So it’s with great disappointment that I see your organisation didn’t bother to do a simple google search to check whether the use of designswarm (for your design swarm events)  would create a conflict with any other companies. The fact that I am a designer makes it doubly insulting. The fact that I reached out on social media to both the organisation’s main account and Seattle accounts with no response whatsoever is even worse.
In any case one would have thought a creative organisation such as yours would have at least reached out to ask, or you know, come up with something different.
I hope you understand my frustration and hope to hear from you soon on this matter. I can be reached at alex at designswarm dot com

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Founder of designswarm & the Good Night Lamp. Ex CEO of Tinker London.