Help save

So there’s a really boring auction going on that I’m taking part in. is up for auction. As I’ve been running the meetup for three years and own and I’m hoping to win this one. I love the community that has grown around this topic in what I consider to be the best city in the world to develop new products and ideas around this space. I also think noone should commercially be able to brand it. So I’m hoping I’ll win the auction. There are 2 other bidders and we’re up to £205 but there has to be a period of 24h after the last bidder for the auction to end so this could take a while. If you’d like to help me out donate to a dot sonsino at gmail dot com on Paypal. I’ve had some wonderful donations from around the world and would like to particularily thank Russell Davies, Ben Hammersley and Mike Milinkovich from the Eclipse Foundation.

Update: I won! At £225, I won the auction finally after 5 days. I received a total of £580 in donations from the following people:

Matt Webb, Fintan Ryan, Benjamin Cabé, Gianfranco Chicco, Andrew J Savery, Liam Lynch, Benjamin Tomlinson, Gareth Klose, Lawrence Archard, Rob van Kranenburg, Russell Davies, Adrian Godwin, Ben Hammersley, Dan Lockton, Mark Setrem Anna Bradley, David Weaver, Boris Adryan, Nicholas O’Leary.

To all of them, I am very grateful.

I was happy to cover at least £100 of the cost of the URL so with the remaining £455 I will give away cash prizes at our bi-annual London Internet of Things Showcase which will take place on December 16th this year. I hope this pleases everyone.

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