The airport & the convent: a book about IDII

In a sacrilegious mood, I decided to clear up the old iPhoto a few weekends ago and stick a bunch of pictures of my time at the Interaction Design Institute Ivrea (where I came up with Good Night Lamp back in 2005) into a book. I used Blurb and it’s turned out rather nicely I’d like to think. If you’re interested in this little piece of interaction design history or are a fan of Olivetti buildings in Ivrea (like the AA is apparently) then this might rock your boat.

It’s a 52 page book split into 5 sections: Ivrea, Talponia, Blu House, Milan, The Work. All of the pictures used are mine and that’s what made the work quick. I saw the Bauhaus exhibition last month at the Barbican and frustrated by the lack of pictures of students I thought I’d try to tell IDII from my perspective. It was a rather special sort of place. I didn’t want to write a history book, but rather a photo-journal of my experience there. Hopefully even my former colleagues would enjoy it.

Writing 'Creating a Culture of Innovation' (Out in 2020, Apress)