Somehow, I seem to be in the middle of organising 4 different events. Thought I’d share.

1. Lirec Secret Robot House evening which gives me an opportunity to invite my good friend Nicolas Nova (very excited to turn the tables on him for once). I’m not afraid to admit his blog is the reason why I got into Internet of Things in the first place. It’s free, it’s secret and there will be drinks and food and robots.

2. Co-curating the return of This Happened in London. I went to the first one on the evening of the day I moved to London in 2007 and it’s with real pride that I’m co-curating the revival of this unique free event about interaction design, creativity and technology with Russell Davies and Ben Hammersley. It will be fun. We’ll start with a pre-summer event on June 7th and then have a few events in the autumn.

3. A nice future-making afternoon workshop (arduino + product design + presentations) in Berlin in a few weeks. It’s nice to run these as they feel quite comfortable now after so many years and I get to work with friends.

4. Giving a tour of Silicon Roundabout tomorrow to 20 journalists from Denmark. I’ve invited lots of nice people from the surrounding area to come and talk to them about the work they do and share the reasons why they set up shop in East London. It should be totally awesome. I’ll blog about it later. We’ll be having drinks at Strongroom from 6h15pm if you’re around.

Things are good and interesting.

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