Tiny Useful Things: Radio Cards


I did a bit of Olympics-related media thinking for a client last month and it dawned on me that the most interesting thing about that 2 weeks will be the social and cultural gap that athletes and their entourage will have to deal with, not to mention the millions of tourists. How do you make the whole experience of living in England for a short amount of time less troubling. Often, when you visit a place for a short while, you accept the cultural differences, but some of these people will be here for months, training before the events. Linguistics is not that much of a challenge and something like Point it will do a basic job. But how do you explain simple everyday things like: what should I listen to in the morning?

Radio Cards are a little set of cards attached to the aerial of a radio to remind you of the major UK radio stations.

Just a friendly tiny useful thing. It took me about 2 years before I started listening to Radio 4 and I sometimes switch to a classical channel (not sure which) when I can’t fall asleep. I had to look up the other stations for this. Radio is a funny old thing, a thing of habit. To an English person, this will make no sense because it is assumed you know these things, but from a foreigner’s perspective, every little helps.

More pics here.

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