Coffee Map: London 2010


Honestly, some things don’t need to use dead trees or could do with a digital version people can really use thank you very much. This coffee map from the World Barista Championship website is one of them and I made a Google map for it. Enjoy.

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4 thoughts on “Coffee Map: London 2010”

  1. Hey —

    It’s great that you’ve made a Google Map version of our coffee map.

    One thing to bear in mind is the original intended audience of the map. We had a very large number of international coffee professionals and devotees as guests in London over the course of the WBC week – a great many whom would not have access to cellular roaming services or internet connectivity on their phones/iPads. For this reason, we needed something printed and tangible, so that they might be able to visit a great number of London coffee shops.


  2. Totally understood Tim. A non-London friend of mine tried sticking to your map and found it quite difficult to understand how far away coffee shops were from each other which Google Maps deals well with, not having a particular format limitations for displaying a landscape. It was a great map, that’s why I made it a little more digitally-friendly :)

  3. You have put Fernandez and Wells in Queen Anne’s Gate in Westminster rather than Queen Anne’s Court in Soho – since I work round the corner from Queen Anne’s Gate I got momentarily excited, but alas it is not to be.

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