Ada Lovelace: Carole Collet


That time of the year again and right on time considering the amount of ink that has been spilt (that expression I guess will have to be revised when the infamous death of paper things happens, oh well) recently about feminism, its impending death (we’re trying to kill off all of our large cultural concepts it seem). My choice this year is my very good friend Carole Collet.

Course Director of the Textle Futures course at Central St Martins College of Art and Design, she is originally French but moved to London about 13 years ago. She founded the course on the back of the Fashion department and grew it into a multi-disciplinary department that teaches students about using their traditional textile skills in completely different fields: environmental, science-based, architectural approaches alike. Their graduate show is the richest and most diverse work I enjoy seeing, year after year.

You could claim she is working on the outskirts of the “women in tech” definition, but I think the definition of technology and where it is applied needs to be constantly revisited. Something Carole does very well both as an academic and her own research and work.

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