Ada Lovelace post: Maja Kuzmanovic

Better late than never I say…

Blue and green

I met Maja at Doors of Perception in 2007 in Delhi, we were roommates along with the fantastic Margaret Morris. Maja is the President of foAM a research group in Bruxelles who explore and support research around food, technology and ecology.

She is probably one of the most driven and fascinating people I know who is constantly on the go (probably explains why she was voted Top 100 Young Innovators (from MIT Technology Review 1999) and Young Global Leader (at World Economic Forum 2006) ), on top of everything that’s going on on the bleeding edge of technology and culture. As if that wasn’t enough, she is charming and amazingly charismatic.

So there, there are great women out there in technology and if i hear another “we couldn’t find any women to speak”, they’re definitely not trying.

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