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I’ve never in my life given that answer to that question. Am I the only one? I get the feeling this is an American perspective on the role of an interaction designer. Is it the only one? I hope not.
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  1. No; I think it’s a curiously web-focused interpretation. A lot of people have come to interaction design through the web, rather than through a design background, which is where the problem comes from.

    Personally, I wouldn’t say “I help build web sites”, despite not having much experience of non-web interaction design… it’s just a lazy answer.

  2. I usually try to avoid entirely the world “web” when I answer that question since that’s like a “trigger word” that lowers the attention of the common listener to zero. :P

  3. I think it’s because of the background of the guy who made the graphic in the first place. He seems to come from the front-end web dev world.

    In my experience, no matter what answer you give, sooner or later people want to know what it is you (help) make. “Products and services” usually does not cut it.

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