Alla milanese

Ok so I’ve been back for a week or so and thought I’d report back on this year’s Salone del Mobile visit in a more interesting way.

I think the internet is really good at reporting on the Salone work and I’m sure you’ve all read and seen pictures of the projects presented there, but it only encapsulates one side of the experience. For me, Salone is all about who I saw, who I met and who I sadly only got to wave at. Making plans during Salone is impossible, meetups get changed or canceled, getting from one side of the city to the next takes forever, so it’s really all about who you do get to see and where.
At Bar Basso late one night


Outside the Ingo Maurer exhibition

At Arabeschi di Latte tea room


Outside the Lexus exhibition hall


Inside Molo design exhibition


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