Weaknesses in the network


You’d have to be in the coma this past week not to have noticed that half the universe is in Austin for what feels like a geek version of prom night.
It’s also in times like these that it feels more lonely on the web in a way, as most of the people who don’t get a chance to meet get to spend a week together while the rest of us are spectators of that time and enjoyment. It’s a strange feeling of being at the end of the network, where it really feels like you’re a voyeur, desperately reaching out for anything people will share: pictures on Flickr, tweets, blog posts, etc.

Or maybe I should get out more :)

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2 thoughts on “Weaknesses in the network”

  1. Actually, over here, whatever happens in SXSW and ETech seems largely irrelevant. They’ve become… inwardly turned, and don’t seem to have much impact on the non-English web 2.0 world.

  2. I think sxsw more than etech feels like a giant magnet. I don’t think, as you point out that it has anything to do with content per se, but sounds more like the party of the year I never really seem to be able to attend :)

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