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INDEX:2007 SUMMER CAMP CIID, IDII’s child school in Copenhagen is organising a 3 week workshop for students. Brings back memories :) (tags: interaction design education workshop conference Denmark)

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Inuda Innovations – Explore. Deliver. Enjoy. engineering solutions … interesting… keeping my ears opened (tags: web2.0 business) Zazaziza • For no good reason • Small-time interactions great wearable interaction by my favorite designers (tags: interaction design)

One liners

There’s a habit in the world of product design to only concentrate on the object, its design, the supposed environment in which it would be used (think ikea catalogues where the occasional good looking Swedish person will show up to pick up a spoon from a drawer) and not really on it’s use… For example […]

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Communities Dominate Brands Alan Moore, a smart man I met recently, talks about how the marketing and advertising industries can survive in these web2.0 times (tags: web2.0 advertising marketing)

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CONTRA – integrated creative services creative branding agency based, well all around, but also London (tags: agency creative london) Train d’union. French social network for train travellers in France (tags: web2.0 travel)

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BarCamp / mobileCampLondon Nice mobile barcamp happening in London during Picnic weekend in September (tags: mobile workshop london)

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H3: Le social, a hardware hacking enthusiast’s pubmeet at Nanobyte bar (Wednesday, August 29, 2007) – Upcoming Pubmeet for hardware hacking enthusiasts at the end of the month in London, come and join us! (tags: hardware hacking meeting london) The Anthill Social Nice interaction design collective, “exploring and illustrating the boundaries of digital technologies” in […]

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ADAD HANNAH American artist now working in Montreal… interesting video work (tags: art Montreal) THE 11TH HOUR “redesign design itself” is part of the voiceover for this sustainable movie… interesting to see the global fingers slowing pointing in our direction (tags: sustainability movies documentary) geobloggers » Topoware: mapping out lunch time. Nice review of Topoware […]