Good Night Lamp: progress

Some great progress lately on the Good Night Lamp, go check out the new site with some more details and new fab images. A reason for the update: yours truly might appear in the Annual design review of Surface magazine this fall. Yes, old media! I’m excited nonetheless.

links for 2007-08-23

Podcast and New Media Expo podcasting conference… apparently people really do need to be taught how to do that… (tags: web2.0 conference) Distance Lab / Open Studio nice open studio of the Distance Lab in Ireland next month… check them out. I applied but it required on site presence… ironic no? (tags: events interaction design […]

About definitions

Must be the weather. I’ve changed the blurb on my website for the first time since I started freelancing. Before: This is the online portfolio of Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino, freelance interaction designer. I am interested in the way service design ties product design and interaction design together to create meaningful experiences for people both in the […]

Hungries out of the box

I’ve had the pleasure in the past few years of working on a number of great projects with some fabulous people but The Hungries really does hold a special place in my heart. This is why I’m glad to say we‘ve finally launched the website and are looking into making these wonderful creatures more than […]

links for 2007-08-22

D is for Dark Chocolate and Beet Brownies by La Tartine Gourmande recipe i will try this weekend, got some beetroot in the weekly box (tags: food recipes) The definitive city guide books from Hg2. A Hedonist’s guide to Beirut, Berlin, Istanbul, Lisbon, London, Madrid, Marrakesh, Miami, Milan, Moscow, Prague, Stockholm, Tallinn KIndof a posh […]

links for 2007-08-21

This is not a brothel… on Flickr – Photo Sharing! Tom Coates , about what comes with being a famous blogger (tags: web2.0)

links for 2007-08-20

3 Things – Show All Interesting twist on the “cadavre exquis” concept, this collection of 3 videos makes for sometimes entertaining associations….another project from my friend Michael Chichi’s growing portfolio (tags: web2.0 video social network art)

When convergence sucks

There a saying that goes something like this: “There are 3 types of people in the world: those who participate in the parade, those who wave from the bleachers and the people that don’t even know there’s a parade going on”. Things online used to be fairly simple really. This made me think it is […]