links for 2007-01-23

Passport rush is on as U.S. deadline nears Sleepy canada wakes up to the fact that they now need a passport to cross the American border. I’m surprised this wasn’t imposed before. I always used my passport to cross over. The US isnt a province for cripe’s sake. (tags: Canada USA border passport) Harper, Charest […]

Quote of the day

“You do not interfere in the affairs of a friendly country, you do not wish for the dismantling of a friendly country. Canada does not wish for the dismantling of France and France certainly does not wish for the dismantling of Canada.” My country is entertaining.

Damn shame

The building in which i spent a year (should have spent 2) is for rent…. there are no words for the anger and bitterness i feel. Via the excellent Experientia.

links for 2007-01-19

Convivio Network- LIFT interview Interview about the networking event of the year, that's all it is, a repeat of last year with mostly the same speakers. Was nice, but not worth going to twice unfortunately. (tags: LIFT conference Geneva)

links for 2007-01-18

MICHAEL WOLF | PHOTOGRAPHY | HONGKONG Absolutely beautiful and compelling exhibition on toy production in China. Makes you think: if we ever get “sustainable” will these people be out of jobs and starve? Can we make this idea of “the experience economy” be worthwhile for everyone, and not jus (tags: photography China toys productions) Announcing […]

I call it iBitch

So i created a new expression/category/tag for my virtual life… i call it iBitch. So from now on end, anything i find that rants, critiques or talks about Apple products, i will put under that category… no matter if positive or negative, because in the world of blogging, noone’s really right or wrong, its about […]

links for 2007-01-17

Seth’s Blog: Adults are the new kids I think he meant “men” ;) (tags: marketing blog trends) Brash Dot Com: Five Thousand Dollars per Megabyte I think ill rename a category of my blog “iBitch” because we’re accumulating quite an interesting number of critical articles on the iPhone now… this one about the price of […]

links for 2007-01-16

le cool not really that interesting, but im trying to collect sites about what’s happening in Amsterdam (tags: amsterdam trend street events) On the mend | Electrical. | Guardian Unlimited Shopping Brilliant article by the Guardian on the business of the service society vs the consumer society. Or when objects are cheaper to buy by […]

Snailmail sucks

Snailmail experience of 2006: Sent package with RoyalMail in London to Bogotà, in Colombia in October 2006 … never made it to it’s destination. Now in 2007 I get book sent through to the Netherlands, (not Swaziland!) and i get this: Bastards!

links for 2007-01-15 Video of Stockholm MSN talk Very interesting and intriguing talk at MSN talk in Stockolm. I think especially the question session opens up the most possibilities about the future of the social web (tags: jaiku MSN Stockholm innovation mobile Web2.0 services) » Blog Archive » The World’s Best Nut Roast Apprently a great […]