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Interesting how this all started with a simple email conversation with Régine talking about some conversations I was having with ex-students and observers in London about the Interim show at the RCA and then WHAM… everything explodes… she writes no less than 6 posts about the show and a whole vibrant and slightly aggressive conversation starts on her posts, Handcircus and here on a post 3 months old.

This is good, the less we talk about what we’re doing, the more chances we are of diluting the field of interaction design which is only 25ish years old… this is a young field. There is no such thing as “traditional interaction design” as there is no tradition to follow, this field has always followed people and the technologies that have surrounded them both of which have changed radically in a very short amount of time. Anyway, it’s fun to get some action on this website for once!

Writing 'Creating a Culture of Innovation' (2020, Apress), wrote 'Smarter Homes' (2018, Apress)

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