From Helsinki with love and curiosity

Ok so this was the least carbon neutral flight ever, but I spent 16 hours in Helsinki and my camera was acting up so some key words/things for me to remember form the little I saw:

– I’m definitely staying at the Klaus K hotel again.
– They only serve brown sugar
– They can’t really do croissants
– They had salt flakes on the tables
– Jimbo is the name of a big supermarket chain i think
– Finland is the home of the Moomins
– They have little plastic boxes hanging from buildings with the address numbers (not sure if they light up at night)
– People have ash blond colored hair, literally, a pretty color i haven’t seen elsewhere.
– Aika means time
– Kiitos means thank you
– They played jazz classics (Nat Cole, Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald) during the flight on Finnair, first time i had a soundtrack to a flight, felt like we were in a lounge waiting rather than on a plane, interesting.

There, a little cultural enlightenment for all. designswarm, travelling so you don’t have to : P

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