Emotion fuels innovation

On my quest for the perfect thesis projet i will look at how we interact with products around us, what fuels the consumerism patterns we know in order to derail them and direct them to shared and communal experiences. So a starting point for me is to understand the consumer and what is the landscape of innovation, marketing and consumer driven tools.

I found an article on emotionally driven design. As people reinvent themselves daily and change the attitudes they have depending on their surroundings, the products we surround ourselves with need to have that same level of flexibility and need to grab us in these transient times.

“The aspirational you is one of those drivers of emotional consumption. With the multiple choices available to us in our 10 second on-line shopping experiences, the emotion of design becomes the absolute driver. If you’re not emotionally driven within a very short time frame, you’re only one click away from something else that will give you the emotional charge.”

This short attention span is very much a product of our “paradox of choice” as i like to call it, meaning that decision-making has become a very difficult business to conduct. We find ourselves constantly bombarded with information on many different layers and it’s hard to make sense of the big picture. So things have to grab our attention, practically hitting us like a ton of bricks with their relevance, with whichever tool that is available: advertising, positioning you name it. How do i tackle this mountain? Shall i operate without it, ignorning the elephant in the porcelain shop? Food for thought at the moment i havent made up my mind. Maybe I’ll subvert these tools in helping me and create a brand of products… close tag.

Writing 'Creating a Culture of Innovation' (Out in 2020, Apress)