Colin's feedback…

This is the feedback I got from Colin Burns last month who was talking about his work for an R&D team a few years ago:

We created good experimental evidence that authentic (i.e. from the real
context) objects are a highly effective trigger for reminiscence and memory.
(e.g. Souvenir of a trip, family members hat, etc…)

Much of the work in this area up to now focuses on the “mindful” capture of
memories (e.g. The photograph, “Kodak moment” scenario…). More mileage is
to be had in so called “quotidian” capture (see Proust, I think (or one of
those philosopher types..!) …) – i.e. those everyday things that at the
time don’t seem significant.

Patterns of “quotidian” data are highly relevant. (e.g. What would it be
like to have access to your lifetimes’ telephone records – what would that
reveal about certain periods of life…)

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